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Nos visita Florencia Gabrielli, Universidad Nacional de Cuyo

Florencia Gabrielli es investigadora de CONICET en Argentina y Profesora de la Universidad Nacional de Cuyo. En esta oportunidad nos visita invitada por el Centro de Economía Aplicada y el Instituto Milenio para la Investigación en Imperfecciones de Mercado y Políticas Publicas  de Ingeniería Industrial y dictará la charla: “An Empirical Analysis of Competitive Nonlinear Pricing”. Esta actividad se llevará a cabo el  miércoles  25 de julio a las 13:00hrs., en Beauchef 851, Piso 4 ( Sala Consejo)


We estimate a model of competitive nonlinear pricing, when there is asymmetric information between buyers and sellers about former’s multidimen- sional preferences. We use a novel dataset on advertisements bought by all local businesses from two (duopoly) Yellow Pages directories in Central Pennsylvania. First, we study the identification of the joint distribution of preferences, (constant) marginal costs of publishing and utility parameters. Second, we find a significant welfare loss due to asymmetric information. Third using a merger simulation we estimate efficiency and distributional effects of (a lack of) competition. In particular, when we move from duopoly to a monopoly, we find that: (i) the producer sur- plus increases substantially; (ii) many lower type consumers are excluded; (iii) the product space under monopoly increases; and as a result (iv) consumer surplus for higher types increases. The total consumer surplus, however, decreases but it does not affect the inequality in the distribution of consumer surplus.


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